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PMC 2017-2018 Working Groups

At our first rehearsal on Monday, September 11th, you will be asked to sign up for at least one of the following Working Groups. We will review that night, but here is some general information about each group. 

Event Planning Working Group

Board Liaison - David Cooper

The Event Planning Working Group will be responsible for the planning and execution of all events in the season, including the Fall Follies, the Spring Soiree, the Listening to the Future Reception, and any other VIP reception or event that may occur. Duties will include researching and reserving venues, procuring food and beverages and/or catering, decoration, recruiting volunteers, setup, etc. Additionally, the group will make sure all local regulations are adhered to including those pertaining to alcohol and sweepstakes. 

This group will also be tasked with the general social activities of the chorale including regularly scheduled outings, after rehearsal bar hops, after concert celebrations and the like. 

PMC Experience Working Group

Board Liaison - Jean Pallares-Leonard

The PMC Experience Working Group will help to make sure that every time someone engages with PMC, it is as positive and professional as possible. This includes patron experience at concerts, registration procedures, marketing experiences, and also includes PMC member experiences at rehearsals, auditions and events.

PMC Marketing Working Group

Board Liaison - Chris Tickner

The Marketing Working Group will strategize and implement potent and effective marketing practices. This will include but will not be limited to social media, email marketing, print, radio and more. Individuals who might fit well with this group would have an interest and/or expertise in marketing including copy writing, social media and seo experience, print and TV/radio marketing. 

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