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PMC Attendance/Punctuality Policy

All PMC singers are expected to:

- Perform in at least 3 PMC concerts per season.

- Attend the first rehearsal and the last week of rehearsals for each concert in which they’re singing.

- Miss no more than 3 rehearsals for a concert.

To achieve a high level of musical refinement requires every singer to be there almost all the time. At the same time we understand that conflicts arise.

The following guidelines aim to strike a reasonable balance.

Arrive on time, every time. We start together, ready to sing at the appointed time. If punctuality is something you can’t manage this is not the choir for you.


You are either at rehearsal or you are not; advance notice of absence is not required nor helpful.

After missing a rehearsal it would be most helpful for you to learn what you missed and make sure you are up to speed at the next rehearsal.

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