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Listening to the Future (1920 x 1080).jpg

P R O G R A M 


Aoi Sora Wa

arr. Noa Sherman


arr. Charles McDermott

Abide With me

arr. Milo Brody


Noa Sherman

On Divinity

Charles McDermott

On Loving Life

Milo Brody

Is That You?/Tell Me It’s OK

Tyler Gjerde


Iris Barerra

Wild Mountain Thyme

arr. Iris Barerra

When The Stars Begin to Fall

arr. Tyler Gjerde


The Pasadena Chorale

Kit Bellamy Burmood, Cristina Hernandez, Eric Werner, Dan Clouse soloists

Amy Gordon composer mentor

Tali Tadmor pianist

Jeffrey Bernstein conductor

Listening to the Future is made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.

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Recording and photography during the performance are not allowed.



Cindy Abbott

Maggie Bacharach

Kit Bellamy

Heather Bland

Erika Boychenko

Sara Brock

Rebecca Carter

Regelin Castillo

Daniel Clouse

Nicholas Cofrancesco

David Cooper

David Coren

Yunyun Dai

Sarah Egan

Alescia Ellis

Valerie Estle

Jenny Farrell

Sarah Finley

Zach First

Valerie Flores

Ian Flores

Inga Funck

Krista Hart

Kevin Hartnett

Max Henke

Cristina Hernandez

Hans Herst

GariLynn Hiscott

Meredith Hooper

Haley Hughes 

Luke Jacobs

Patty Judy

Martha Kahane

Matīss Kārkliņš

Lindsay Kearney

Cathy Kim

Ellen Kirstein 

Kim Knight

Becca Koester

Lisa Kohlenberger

Maria Lat

Belinda Lau

Paul Lazarus

Margaret Lazzarini

Kellum Lewis

Kevin Locarro

Denise Lumarda

Sarah Medina

Michael Merced

Sydney Moss

Dina Murokh

Jean Pallares-Leonard

Frances Pang

Jeffrey Parkin

Zephen Peter

Sandy Kuo Price

Marintha Prieto

Daniel Radmacher

Hannah Robertson

Matthew Scherb

Megan Schulze

Michael Schwartz

Israel Segura

Wendy Shattuck 

Nina Grace Shelby

Helen Sokol

Amador Solis

Alison Spielmann

Bonny Tennant

Chris Tickner

Kelsey Torosyan

Stephen Tully

Eric Vesbit

Dianne J. Waldman

Jen Wang

Jenny Werner

Eric Werner

Brittney S. Wheeler

Mandi White

Noemi Wognin

Helga Zambrano

Katherine Zodrow




For complete texts & program notes for tonight's concert, click here.



Iris Milagros Barrera is a junior at South Pasadena High School
and has been studying music for the last ten years. She was
originally trained in Suzuki piano and has most recently been a
student with Dr. Stephen Pierce. Since, Iris has devoted much of
her time to learning guitar and songwriting. Strongly influenced
by a childhood filled with music, she continues to seek out new
sounds from which to draw inspiration. Iris is excited to be a part
of Listening To The Future, as will be her first venture into choral

Milo Brody, is in the 11th Grade at the Pasadena Waldorf
School, which he has attended since preschool. Milo enjoys
composing, playing trombone, and singing, and the Waldorf
school has helped him become the passionate musician that he
is. He is a California All-State trombonist, a member of the
Symphony of the Verdugos, and he attends the Colburn School,

where he plays chamber music. Milo sings in the Pasadena
Waldorf High School chorus, as well as on various other
occasions and projects, including yearly a cappella performances
with other students. Since joining the Pasadena Chorale’s
Listening to the Future program, he has been having a thrilling
experience with composing and arranging, and cannot wait to
continue to expand his musical horizons through this incredible

Tyler Gjerde.jpg

Tyler Gjerde is a senior at Pasadena High School and has been
involved in musical ensembles since the 6th grade at Sierra
Madre Middle School. He has since dedicated much of his free
time to studying music and composing, especially after reaching
high school. Tyler hopes to entertain with his arrangements, and
is excited to be a part of Listening to the Future this year.

Charles McDermott.jpeg

Charles McDermott is a senior at Beverly Hills High School
where he is the tenor lead for the Madrigals. Beginning at age 5,
piano has been foundational in his musical journey. He would go
on to play a multitude of different instruments, in ensembles such
as orchestra, jazz band, choir. Though Charles has now focused
his time on piano and composition, his expansive background
led him to the process of creating music and continues to guide
him. His greatest classical influences are Debussy, Bach, and
Chopin, and he pulls inspiration from other genres including
Klezmer, Ethereal Pop, and Classical Rock.

Noa Sherman.jpg

Noa Sherman is a junior at the Pasadena Waldorf School. He is
fluent in English and Japanese. Noa sings in the school choir
which has led him to experiment with composition. He has been
studying piano for over ten years and received the MTAC
Certificate of Merit in 2022. He also plays the clarinet with the
school wind ensemble. Paul McCartney has been a very

influential figure to Noa who feels that his ability to show and
define emotion can create a ‘perfect’ balance of expressiveness
without being overly dramatic. Noa is also very passionate about
world peace and hopes to express it through his music.






Jeffrey Bernstein



Tali Tadmor


Bernie Fabig


Annie Ranzani Makarchuk


Cynthia Abbott


Noah Gladstone


Alex McInnes



Eric Vesbit


Cynthia Abbott



Ellen Kirstein



David Cooper

Jean Pallares-Leonard

Jeffrey Parkin

Jeannie Sears

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