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P R O G R A M 


April Showers

arr. Ian To

Shall We Gather at the River

arr. Helena Hu

Scarborough Fair

arr. Marcus Thiessen

Fantastical Dystopia

Ian To

Elk Herds

arr. Kassidy Knight

Casinha Pequenina

arr. Maya Proulx

The Devil Waits for Me

Kassidy Knight

Sounds of Spring

Maya Proulx

The Wondrous Place

Helena Hu


The Pasadena Chorale

Jen Wang composer mentor

Tali Tadmor pianist

Jeffrey Bernstein conductor

Listening to the Future is made possible in part by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs Division.

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Recording and photography during the performance are not allowed.



Cindy Abbott

Michael Azevedo

Maggie Bacharach

Kit Bellamy

Lenard Berglund

Heather Bland

Erika Boychenko 

Sara Brock

Denise Brown

Regelin Castillo

Dan Clouse

Nicholas Cofrancesco

David Cooper

David Coren

Christopher Davidson

Siobhán Dougall

Sarah Egan

Valerie Estle

Jenny Farrell

Sarah Finley

Zach First

Valerie Flores

Ian Flores

Inga Funck

Christopher Galasso

Betty Gao

Mary Harmon

Krista Hart

Kevin Hartnett

Max Henke

Cristina Hernandez

GariLynn Hiscott

Anna Hjorth 

Meredith Hooper

Haley Hughes

Luke Jacobs

Jadrian Johnson

Henry Johnson

Patty Judy

Martha Kahane

Matiss Karklins

Lindsay Kearney

Cathy Kim

Ellen Kirstein

Kim Knight

Becca Koester

Lisa Kohlenberger

Maria Lat

Belinda Lau

Paul Lazarus

Margaret Lazzarini

Kellum Lewis

Kevin Locarro

Denise Lumarda

Lori McKenna

Sydney Moss

Casey Murray

Brian Oakey

Jean Pallares Leonard

Frances Pang

Jeff Parkin

Arlene Peraza

Domingas Person

Sandy Price

Marintha Prieto 

Libby Rainey

Jim Rispin

Hannah Robertson

Sarah Schulist

Megan Schulze

Michael Schwartz

Israel Segura

Wendy Shattuck 

Helen Sokol

Amador Solis

Tobin Sparfeld

Alison Spielmann

Bonny Tennant

Chris Tickner

Thandi Tolmay

Stephen Tully

Hailey Turner 

Eric Vesbit

Dianne Waldman

Jen Wang

Jenny Werner

Eric Werner

Brittney Wheeler 

Mandi White 

Helga Zambrano




Helena Hu is a student at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School. She is a part of her school's Honors Chamber Choir and participates in a choir outside of school. Her first introduction to music was the piano, as she still enjoys playing it today. Music has been a large part of Helena's life and she hopes to cherish it forever. Helena is excited and thrilled to be sharing her composed songs!

Kassidy Knight grew up in Southern California playing the violin and singing constantly. She began composing songs as at age eleven. During the pandemic, Kassidy focused on playing the guitar and writing music while attending an independent study program at home. For her senior year, Kassidy joined the Pasadena Waldorf High School. Being immersed in music and world culture was an awakening for Kassidy who performed at the school’s March variety show with an original song called “Ivory Chess Piece.” Next, she wrote and, along with her classmates, performed an instrumental titled “Careful Hands” at the school’s spring concert. Tonight Kassidy presents her original work “The Devil Waits for Me” along with an arrangement of “Elk Herds.” Kassidy will attend Bryn Mawr College this fall with plans to major in music and psychology.

Maya Proulx has been performing since studying piano and viola at four years old. She sang with the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus and with the All Saints Children’s Choir as she trained vocally in classical and jazz styles. Proulx attends high school at California School of the Arts – Duarte. A versatile artist, Proulx studied creative writing, picked up classical guitar sophomore year and now plays in the CSArts jazz band as both guitarist and lead singer. She was recently named a 2024 YoungArts winner with distinction in VOICE, JAZZ the highest honor of the organization.

Marcus Thiessen is in tenth grade at Pasadena High School. He has played bass for two years and violin for seven years. Marcus has composed music for orchestra, and this is his first time writing for choir.

Ian To, a freshman moving on sophomore in high school, exists as a performer and composer of the performing arts. A musician at heart he loves, is to perform and send music to everyone that may, though small or large it may be. He has spent many years of his life studying the art of music, moving through section and section to learn the little intricacies of each, and has landed to the understanding of the works of music, and sets to prove the point of music as an expression available to any in the house or streets.






Jeffrey Bernstein



Tali Tadmor


Pamela Forrest


Bernie Fabig


Annie Ranzani Makarchuk


Cynthia Abbott


Noah Gladstone


Louis Ng




Eric Vesbit


Cynthia Abbott



Ellen Kirstein



David Cooper

Jean Pallares-Leonard

Jeffrey Parkin

Jeannie Sears

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